About Us

Rehab Connection is a therapist-owned Physical Therapy practice with offices located in Camden and Burlington counties. Since opening in 1993, we have expanded our practice to offer our patients multiple locations in five nearby towns. Each clinic is staffed with some of the most highly trained, experienced and compassionate physical therapists in the area. Our entire therapy staff is dedicated to working with patients, addressing their individual needs. We take the most effective steps toward achieving each individual's physical goals while returning them to normal daily activities.

Day and Evening Hours: Our clinics are open early and offer evening hours to accommodate even the busiest of schedules. Your appointment will begin promptly and end on time. Our goal is to treat you in a time-efficient manner so that you can safely return to your normal daily routines as quickly as possible.

Insurance Billing and Pre-certification: Our billing department works directly with over 75 insurance companies and will handle all pre-certification procedures, minimizing the responsibility placed on the patient.

Participation with Most Insurance Plans: We are accepting patients from almost all major insurance companies and we also offer a Direct Access payment plan when treating patients who are not in our participating insurance plans.