Doctor Testimonials

Doctor Testimonials

"Rehab Connection is my first choice for Physical Therapy Services. What caught my attention was the steady flow of unsolicited feedback from the patients. The therapists provide comprehensive evaluations and promptly communicate the care plan back to the medical home. It is a pleasure to witness the clinical benefits and willingness of the patients to remain active and engaged in therapy.

My personal experience with Rehab Connection was very positive. The Therapists impressed me with their clinical acumen. They customized my care plan. Their passionate interest in my well-being motivated me to work hard. Rehab Connection distinguished themselves through excellence."

David Gigliotti, DO

"I am a chiropractor in the area, and have sent several patients over to Rehab Connection over the past few months. I have been so happy with their progress and results! Sheri has been great to refer back and forth with, and together we have seen some great patient outcomes. Patients have had a quicker return to pain-free status, they have noticed that their adjustments are holding better and lasting longer, and overall their satisfaction with a combo of both PT and Chiropractic care has been great. I highly recommend Rehab Connection for any type of Physical Therapy, and look forward to sending more of my patients there in the future."

Angela L. Jarvis, D.C.

"I trust my patients with Rehab Connection where I know they will receive hands-on, personalized, expert care for their physical therapy needs."

Andrea L. Bowers, MD

"As an orthopedic surgeon, physical therapy is important for my patients to receive maximum benefit from my care. Rehab Connection has been outstanding in providing high quality physical therapy and rehabilitation to my patients. This is provided in excellent facilities by a friendly and knowledgeable staff. They keep me well informed of my patients' progress and work with my patients and me to provide the optimal results. I recommend Rehab Connection highly."

Mark Reiner, DO., A.O.A.O.A.

"My patients always get hands on, personal treatment. The therapists are able to create a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere and still deliver the kind of therapy that gets results. I get nothing but the highest accolades from my patients that receive therapy at Rehab Connection. The therapists at rehab connection are a perfect combination of highly skilled, personable and energetic - a recipe for excellent results and patient satisfaction."

John Gray, M.D.