Success Stories

Success Stories

  • Content Of Review: A special Thank-you to Tom Bianco for getting me back to doing the things that I Love to do. After my Rotator cuff surgery, my doctor suggested that I go to Rehab Connection for physical therapy to get mobility and strengthen my shoulder. I wasn't sure of what to expect at first, until I met Tom. He set my mind at ease with his knowledge and personality, and explained that it may take a while, but eventually I will get mobility and my strength back. Tom not only helped me physically, but mentally get through the times when I thought of giving up. Now I am back to doing all the fun things I Love to do. Thanks to Tom and his great staff for making me feel like part of the Rehab Connection family. I couldn't have done it with out them.

    Linda Schwering-Siemietkoski

  • Content Of Review: Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable. It was treated with respect by all staff members. The atmosphere is clean and cheerful. Thank you all.

    Bonita (Bonnie) Ballingoff

  • Content Of Review: My successful rehab allowed me to go back to class sooner and resume my active life.

    AnneMarie Byrnes

  • Content Of Review: This was my second experience at Rehab Connection in West Deptford. Because of the great results of my first knee replacement and my rehab, I decided to get my second knee replaced 5 months after my first one. This was a tougher experience because of a previous knee surgery 25 years ago. During my first week I thought I had made a mistake due to the extreme swelling and pain. But each week it got a little easier, the swelling went down and Lisa pushed me to my limits. Thanks to her and her team, after 8 weeks I could bend my knee further than I had been able to for 25 years. My second experience with Lisa and her team exceeded my expectations. I have nothing but the highest praise for the team at West Deptford. And Lisa has a special talent. She sees a number of people every day, but still makes you feel like you are the most important person she is treating that day. She is a gem and Rehab Connection is lucky to have such a dedicated, caring director.

    Mike D.

  • I dislike being in a position to need therapy but I LOVE coming here! Lisa is the best- she treats my issues and she treats me like family.

    Lisa R.

  • If you are seeking a physical therapist, this is the place to go! I was referred by my doctor because I have been experiencing pain since December 2012. After the birth of each of my children, the pain increased and never seemed to get better. I'll be honest, I was hesitant about even trying physical therapy out because the pain was so bad, I really didnt think it would help me. Boy, was I wrong. First of all, the therapists are very knowledgeable about their practice. As they assigned exercises for me to do here and at home, I was informed how it will help. Second, they are extremely kind and the display the best teamwork I have ever seen in any work environment. I am sitting here writing this and thinking about all of the things I have been able to do lately for myself and with my family because of the therapists, Kathy, Sammi, and Joe. I use to say I felt like an old lady. I was very limited to activities that I could do with friends and kids. I even had a hard time playing tag with my 4 year old, swimming during the second pregnancy due to severe sciatic pain, and laying on the floor with my baby (1 yr) so he could sit on my belly to play games. I can do that and so much more now! I can sit, stand, walk, and run without any pain. Thank you so much to everyone at Rehab Connections. With your help, I feel young and am athletic again.

    Vicky J.

  • Thanks for amking a difficult time an experience to freedom and a better life. Couldn't have reached there without the staff at Rehab Connection.

    Connie T.

  • I chose Rehab Connection to recover from a recent knee replacement. I had been there years ago for a knee injury and had an excellent recovery experience. Jeremy, Nicole, Roseann, Michelle, Leah, Jack, Kathleen, and also the occasional interns that help out all go above and beyond to make your experience a healing and pleasant one...I highly recommend Rehab Connection to all.

    Nancy Danch

  • Thanks to Rehab Connection and their awesome team. They have given me 100% mobility and strength to my shoulder. Even though they gave me pain, it felt great afterwards. They worked with me and my busy schedule. Thank you for the painfully wonderful experience! If I get hurt again I'll be back!

    Andrew Tous

  • Thanks to Joe and all the staff at Rehab Connection, I am way ahead of the norm after having both knees replaced, six weeks apart. The PT's and assistants make me work hard and are very nice about it. I have been a patient for 21 years, and Rehab Connection is the only place for me.

    Rick Margolese

  • Having fun at Rehab Connection! Great staff! 🙂

    Linda Siemietkoski

  • In February, I had a triple disc fusion in my neck. Following surgery I had the pleasure of working on my recovery at Rehab Connection in Barrington. The staff, led by Joe and Lisa, was an absolute "10". Everyone was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. It has been an extreme pleasure to rehabilitate with this outstanding organization.

    Larry Pennock

  • Having been to rehab before I thought I knew what to expect until I showed up at Rehab Connection. The environment is friendly and make you feel more like friends rather than a patient. I never thought it would be fun and that I would enjoy coming to rehab, but everyday I walk in the door I was greeted with a bright smile and warm hello. Great staff and huge patient advocates...always pushing you to do more, get better and reach goals.

    Julian Vallery

  • Rehab Connection - a great place to go!

    Kenneth Shemeley

  • I have become so much more flexible and supported in my core again!! Everyone is so nice and that makes it a lot of fun to come.

    Laura Connelly

  • The pain and sweat are so worth how much better I feel! Thank goodness my flexibility is coming back. Thanks to Tom and Raychel - they are the best!

    Deborah Barton

  • "This is the place to be if you need to rehab! Roseann and Sarah are the best. They care about you and work very hard to help you through the recovery process. I look forward to my physical therapy appointments. Roseann and Sarah are very knowledgable and professional. They are also warm, caring and supportive. I strongly recommend this place if you need PT!!!"

    Barbara Strosberg

  • "Roseann is an amazing physical therapist. This is my 6th go with Rehab Connection. Each time I have been very impressed. I have had PT for 23 years and Rehab Connection is one of the best Rehab around. Roseann is patient and attentive. She makes sure you are comfortable and is very personable. All the same can be said for Sarah!"

    Adam Lavav

  • "I have been coming to Rehab Connection since 1999. They have an efficient and professional staff that is superb in rehabilitation therapy. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a top-flight physical therapy center."

    Lionel Bolen

  • "I'm 60 years old and this is my first time coming to a rehab center. The four weeks here has helped my knee a lot. I can move around a lot better. I laugh so much with Jeremy. Everyone should come here so you can laugh with the staff."

    Carnell Smith

  • "Rehab Connection has helped me get back to fighting condition for the third time!"

    Thomas Weaver

  • "Very informative and nice! I was very unbalanced and I see improvement and I'm less than 10 visits! They are totally awesome and I'm honored to be apart of Rehab Connection!"

    Norma Jones

  • Whether sports or work related, when my body is hurting, I call Rehab Connection (Lisa)! It is the best place to get you back in the game fast and strong!

    Stephen Zupko

  • "I started therapy because I fractured two vertebrae in my lower back. In the beginning I had some setbacks, but since resuming my treatments I have felt extremely better and would like to thank: Lisa, Joe, Michele, Brielle, Crystal, Cate, Ashley and anyone else I have had the pleasure of working with in getting back my strength and flexibility. Your professionalism and personal care are very much appreciated and you will be highly recommended. Thanks Guys/Girls!"

    Vince Londino

  • "If you are in need of physical therapy for any reason, look no further. I have been a patient for two different conditions. First for treatment for Lymphedema of my right arm, and then I had a complete shoulder replacement. Everyone working at Rehab Connection is knowledgeable, compassionate and willing to do what is necessary to make your stay pleasant. I have never seen any sign of 'that's not my job.' They are a 'well oiled team' and get the job done."

    Florence Shimp

  • "After all surgery I came to Rehab Connection Barrington ready to work, and I was not disappointed. Lisa, Joe, Erica, Brielle and Crystal made sure that when I was ready, I moved up to the next level. Along the way they watched me to make sure I was doing everything properly and always had humorous words of encouragement to keep my spirits high. If I had questions they would take whatever time necessary to give me the answer I needed. I feel as though my recovery time was shortened because of their professionalism and thank them all very much for the care I received."

    Rick Zimmerman

  • "Everyone creates a comfortable atmosphere. My therapist, Kristy, understands and adapts to my needs. She pushes me to reach my goals."

    Melissa Leslie

  • "Everyone at Rehab Connection is friendly and professional. I have such a good time I forget I'm in pain."

    Veronica Sanchez

  • "Wendi and Sarah have done for me a great job in bringing me back towards flexibility in my workouts."

    Bernard Steinberg

  • "I came to Rehab Connection with a pinched nerve in my lower back. I was in horrible pain and having a hard time doing my regular activities. Within a few weeks of seeing Wendi and her magical tape I am feeling better and stronger than before. Along with amazing hour sessions of stretches, exercise, and massages and tape, she gave me a workout program to follow at home. I'm so glad I know she's here if I ever need her. I would never see anyone else! Thanks Wendi and Sarah!"

    Jennifer Zuckerman

  • "Over the past 2 years Roseann has helped me immensely in terms of keeping my body fit and muscles toned-critical to my daily battle M.S. In addition she helped me recover from a rotator cuff injury. I could barely raise my arm and now I have almost full range of motion. Roseann also worked with my son's shoulder injury and had him back on the tennis court in 2 months! Roseann and Sarah are outgoing and friendly ensuring a pleasant experience at P.T."

    Donna Friedman

  • "Progress-excellent! Positive attitude of therapists! Lots of variety in program!"

    Clair Molotsky

  • "Jeremy Sippel is the baddest of the baddest physical therapists on Madison Avenue."

    (she really said that)

    Kay Powell

  • "When I came to Rehab Connection I had minimum flexibility and no muscle tone in my midsection. After treatment, I now have greater flexibility and I'm able to move a 100lb sled. My recovery is coming along well and this is due to the professional expertise of the staff at Rehab Connection. They are all knowledgeable, patient and willing to explain my treatment plan and answer my questions. At this time, I would like to thank the great Physical Therapy staff at Rehab Connection."

    James Karwacki

  • "It's great! I have enjoyable times while recuperating. My therapist, Chris, has helped me a lot."

    Cheyenne Ruffin

  • "I enjoy my therapy at Rehab Connection because it hurts so good."

    J. Couch

  • "After the surgery, I never thought that I'd be back to playing sports without a whole lot of pain, but Rehab Connection helped me out and they made it fun. I never thought I'd smile through a whole work out."

    Leigh Ann Herbert

  • "Jeremy really helped me out."

    Dean Rossi

  • "Personal, courteous, and willing to work with you. They work you hard but the outcome is great."

    Joe Scheiblein

  • "I cannot begin the thank everyone at Rehab Connection for their support, encouragement, teaching and help over the last 7-8 weeks! Sami encouraged me to push myself to strengthen my knee and kindly tolerated my very tearful 1st appt. Being in pain and having decreased physical functioning is stressful and frustrating but the staff was always encouraging, never thought a high-five would mean so much when you are finally able to tackle a flight of stairs! Kelly, Tim, Kathy, Kathryn & Joe, you all rock as well!! Isabel and the fellow office staff were equally as kind and helpful with scheduling and insurance follow up. It was bittersweet to leave today, almost had tears similarly to my first day. They made a stressful time, tolerable and I am forever grateful to them for being able to walk my dog again!"

    Debra Bennett

  • I just wanted to say Thank you again, although it's been a while I'm still reaping the benefits of everyone's help . Be hind me is one out of 22 waterfalls and a 4 hour hike that I took while out in Ricketts Glen PA. I had to wear my shirt and represent the R.C team. I felt very accomplished ...tired ,smelly, and hot but very accomplished.

    Arlene Grady

  • "Rehab Connection is cool."

    Matthew Elg

  • "From my first phone call, the staff has been helpful. Their help with insurance questions and flexible scheduling is most appreciated. The physical therapists and staff are professional, supportive, and readily available to answer question."

    Jeanette Poole

  • "My treatment at Rehab Connection was productive and enjoyable despite the necessary pain. The staff was very friendly and helpful."

    Elizabeth Hiltebrand

  • "Excellent treatment. Very friendly staff. They made a big improvement in my rehab so far. I would recommend Rehab Connection to anyone."

    David Scull

  • "Rehab Connection is the first and only place I go when I have a sports injury. They're the best!"

    Morgan Payne

  • "I can't believe I do this to myself, but it's working. I feel so much better."

    Robert McMillian

  • "Rehab Connection works wonders but it is painful!! they say pain is love so I love you guys too. Thanks for everything."

    David Benn

  • "I actually enjoyed coming to Rehab Connection. I had a knee replacement and I am walking normally again. The therapist was great and worked right with you. I would recommend Rehab Connection to anyone who needs therapy. Everyone was pleasant and the staff was great!

    Mary Jane Marsh

  • Rehab Connection is a wonderful place to come for physical therapy. All the staff are very nice and welcoming. They are extremely knowledgeable, and I would not be where I am today without them. I would recommend Rehab Connection to anyone who needs physical therapy.

    Kim Marshall

  • Rehab Connection is the first and only place I go when I have a sports injury. They're the best!

    Morgan Payne

  • Everyone is so helpful and caring. I was taught the correct way to use steps and move without hurting myself again. I am getting stronger with my injury and improving everyday. Thank you all so much. Keep up the great work!

    Sally Ginty

  • Needing Physical Therapy is not the happiest of times, but when I enter Rehab Connection, the energy from the staff is so positive warm and caring. It makes me more motivated. I also get some comic relief too.

    Toni Prioietti

  • "You're the only therapists I've had but I couldn't imagine there being a better, more welcoming place."

    Lia Rogers

  • "The workers are great! The environment is very calming and relaxing while I'm here."

    Nina Randol

  • "Friendly, encouraging, supporting staff and therapists. They know when to push and when to back off. I always feel better on therapy days. Love the trivia questions too!"

    Kathy Tatti

  • "Jim is a pain in the knee."

    Eric Harvey

  • "Rehab Connection helped me to, quite literally, get back on my feet after my knee surgery. Thanks, Rehab Connection!"

    Tara McAlexander

  • "Rehab Connection is a caring, motivating environment. The therapists and staff encourage you to work hard and do your best. Their constant support contributed greatly to my recovery. The exercises throughout therapy were difficult at all stages of rehabilitation. However, in the long run, it was their (staff) reassurance and positive motivation that made me succeed. Thank you to all!!"

    Christy Ekelburg

  • "The staff at Cherry Hill Rehab Connection is fantastic. I am back to normal thannks to the professional care that I was give. Thank you!!!"

    Michael Barnett